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The Province of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia is participating in the REDD+ SES Initiative and using the standards.From August 2010, progress has been made with the establishment of country-level governance for the use of REDD+ SES in Central Kalimantan and with planning for country-specific interpretation and assessment of performance with respect to the standards.
ci 74200306 SmallCentral Kalimantan is the leading Indonesian province in the development of REDD+ activities. Central Kalimantan is densely forested with a forest cover of over 10 million hectares representing 67% of the province area, of which more than 3 million hectares are peat land forests. This makes Central Kalimantan important for REDD+ activities in Indonesia and globally. The Province counts with several REDD+ Demonstration Activities, which are commercial and community-based carbon projects prepared for REDD+ program. Central Kalimantan is also selected as the pilot province for the Indonesia-Norway Partnership on REDD+.
Stakeholders in Central Kalimantan are supportive and very keen to use the REDD+ SES in Central Kalimantan. Stakeholders representatives are working on developing policy options for a provincial institutional framework. Key government institutions (Provincial Planning Agency, Office of Environment, Office of Forestry and Provincial Secretariat) together with the University of Palangkaraya, Community Organizations and Civil Society are leading the process supported by a team of facilitators and the Clinton Climate Initiative.
For more information about the use of REDD+ SES in Central Kalimantan please contact: Stepi Hakim, CCI Forestry National Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Country-level governance defines how decisions are made and who participates in oversight and facilitation of the use of the REDD+ SES in each country. For Central Kalimantan the structure will consist of:

  • A Provincial-level Standards Working Group oversees the interpretation and application of the REDD+ SES in the country.
  • A Facilitation Team composed of technical experts facilitates the process of interpreting and applying the REDD+ SES in the country.

Standards Committee
For Central Kalimantan, stakeholders agreed to use the term Standards Working Group to serve the function of Provincial Standards Committee. The name is chosen to prevent confusion, as there is already a Provincial REDD+ Committee. It is proposed that the Working Group should be attached to the REDD+ Committee of Central Kalimantan. A policy option for institutionalization of the Standards Working Group is being prepared and will be presented to the Governor to be enacted. The Standards Working Group is expected to consist of representatives from government, academic society, civil society organization, business, and community organizations.

Facilitation Team
The use of the REDD+ SES in Central Kalimantan is being facilitated by a team of technical experts. They are from the Office of Environment of the Government of Central Kalimantan, the University of Palangkaraya and NGOs with support from the Clinton Climate Initiative.
Country-specific interpretation adapts the REDD+ SES to the country context and includes two key elements:

  • Creation of country-specific indicators, and
  • Design of the country-specific assessment process.

Country-specific interpretation in Central Kalimantan will be done through a series of workshops and working group sessions and through consultations including public comment periods.

12 – 14 July 2011:
  • Workshop and focus group discussions on the REDD+ SES were carried out with participation of 43 representatives from various stakeholders (NGOs, representative communities, donors, REDD+ Task Force Central Kalimantan/KOMDA).
  • First version of the REDD+ SES produced.

14 – 19 August 2011:
  • The first version of the REDD+ SES is printed and ready for distribution to a wider audience.
  • The first version of the REDD+ SES is sent to REDD SES (CARE International).

22 – 27 August 2011:
  • The announcement calling for public comments on the REDD+ SES is to take place from 22 August until 21 November 2011. This information will be published in two local newspapers for three days (20 – 22 August).
  • The printed copies (500 booklets) are sent to the REDD+ SES Task Force Support Office in Palangkaraya

22 August – 21 November 2011 (public consultation period)
  • Stakeholders can download the Central Kalimantan draft indicators here or you can get a hard copy at the REDD+ Task Force Support Office in Palangkaraya.
  • Stakeholders who want to give the comments or feedbacks on the standards should send a message to to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or can send their comments via air post mail to the REDD+ Task Force Support Office in Palangkaraya (Kantor Pembantu REDD+, Gedung Assistant, Kantor Gubernur Kalimantan Tengah, Jl. RTA Milono No. 1 Palangka Raya 73111)

September 2011:
  • Simplification of the version of the standards for public consultation at local community/village level.
  • Adaptation and field public consultation will take place at the community/village level in order to get direct feedbacks from communities living inside REDD+ Projects (two REDD+ sites).
  • The aim of public consultations is to gather feedback from local communities who do not have access to the internet or are unable to get a hard copy of the standards.

October 2011:
  • The final public consultations will be carried out in Palangkaraya. The announcement of the final consultation will be announced a month before the event. Confirmation 1-2 weeks before the event will help to determine how many people will participate in the consultation.

November 2011:
  • 21 November is the last day for comments from stakeholders to be made about the REDD+ SES.
  • All comments and feedbacks from either internet or public consultations are compiled. LEI together with the provincial working group of REDD+ SES will review all comments and feedback (A 3-day meeting).
  • The Standards Steering Committee is established under the Provincial REDD+ Task Force. The Steering Committee will have authority to accept or refuse the comments/feedback and make suggestions on the new standards.
  • The REDD+ SES for Central Kalimantan is formally issued by the Provincial Steering Committee.