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Tanzania has been participating in the REDD+ SES Initiative since 2010, actively participating in the elaboration of the standards and since 2013, participating in the Initiative for the community of exchange and good practice.


Tanzania has established a multi-stakeholder committee to oversee the implementation of REDD+ activities. The National REDD+ Taskforce is composed of twelve members including representatives from key sector Ministry such as Agriculture, Energy, Livestock, Water, Lands and NGOs. The committee has several technical groups to oversee particular issues. The Technical Group on Legal and Governance is responsible to oversee safeguards for the REDD+ strategy.


A series of workshops have been organized with government, civil society and local communities representatives to raise awareness and build capacity on REDD+ safeguards since 2012.

Tanzania has decided to follow a country-led process to define its own safeguards. In 2013, the Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (NRTF), appointed a consultant to review different safeguards mechanisms including REDD+ SES, SESA from FCPF and UN-REDD Social & Environmental Principles and Criteria and to facilitate this process and the stakeholder consultations that were completed by June 2013. This resulted in the development of Tanzania National Social and Environmental Safeguards to inform the UNFCCC as to how Tanzania will use them to safeguard social and environmental concerns.